Congenital predominance of the vertical osei: upward-downward taiheki, types one and two


When the vertical osei + (I) is predominant by taiheki, the following physical structure is formed:

The head is very big. The face is long and inverted triangle-shaped due to the development of its cranial area and to the slightly developed mouth and jaw areas. The neck is long, robust and very erect. The shoulders are narrow. The overall CVP is elongated and stands very erect. The buttocks are small. The upper and lower extremities are short, thin, and not very strong. The hands, feet, and especially the fingers and toes are long, big, and strong.

This structure gets activated from the dorsal area as a result of the distribution of the A tension through it. This A tension activates, among other tissues, the static series of muscles connected to the trapezius.

The vertical osei – (II), predominant by taiheki, yields a structure similar to that described above:

This structure gets activated from the ventral area through which the A tension is channelled. This A tension activates the same series of muscles as in the vertical osei + and which are represented by the sternocleidomastoideus. The main characteristic of this muscle is that it can contract, either as a passive or defensive reaction. This contraction is what makes the strong neck look thinner and the small buttocks look lower than in the vertical osei + (I).


predominance of the vertical osei + predominance of the vertical osei –

When the accumulated tension resulting from not being able to fulfil or express the desire of the contemplative psyche, becomes excessive partial tension, the following symptoms appear:

  • mental fatigue and an overwhelming need to sleep;
  • stiffness in the tissues organised around vertebrae C1, Th1, L1, and Th7;
  • a knot at the centre of the pit of the stomach that reduces the chest-abdominal breathing;
  • impotence due to the absence of pelvic activity;
  • itching all over the skin with no visible disorders;
  • mild gastritis (only when the predominant osei is II).

At the psychic level some obsession as described below appears:

  • excessive fear of losing one’s reputation or credibility, or of not being able to be right or fair;
  • pondering (only when the predomiant osei is II).

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