The forgotten human nature


It is a top priority that we respect the environment and that we get to know and respect the life of the human organism and its spontaneous manifestation better.

Over thousands of years, we have accumulated vast and sound knowledge about human life. Nevertheless,
Western knowledge has tackled this issue from an analytical perspective while improving its knowledge about each one of the activities in our organisms. On the other hand, eastern knowledge never lost sight of the unity of body and mind in the human being but it has never been concerned about making a rigourous distinction among these activities.
Consequently, neither eastern nor western cultures have ever been able to explain the way the interrelation among the different energetic activities in our organisms – motor, biological, and psychic – takes place.

On the other hand,
We have been witnessing for the last fifty years how western science knowledge has been implemented massively in every society, culture, and all over the world. Although, this may be considered an extraordinary accomplishment in may ways, never before human nature has undergone such manipulation or interference.

In conclusion,
Both western and eastern Human Culture have taught us, through different ways, how to dominate our own nature but it has not taught us how to understand our own spontaneous manifestations, the direct expression of
the life of our special organisms,

  • which gave birth to us, raised, and keeps us alive in an indivisible union between psyche-soma, voluntary-involuntary, conscious-non-conscious;

which has also allowed us to learn and create culture, progress and knowledge, by communicating through all of them;

  • which is specific in each one of us;
  • which is the source of human behaviour, human conflicts, and our life-health.

Since no human language has the exact words to identify the natural interrelation among the different activities in our organisms, human beings find it difficult

  • to perceive that the blockage-dissociation in these activities is the chief internal cause of our health problems
  • and to feel the need to solve them.

The seitai culture offers us some simple practice and some new knowledge about our organisms. Both are fundamental and revolutionary and they allow us to attend to and understand this forgotten human nature as well as to learn from its spontaneous manifestation.