We have fostered for many years the desire to create an association in order to:

  • Pool initiatives in the diffusion of the Seitai culture,
  • Give continuity and support to the task developed by Katsumi Mamine Miwa for forty years -communicating to society the discoveries of Haruchika Noguchi and their decisive implications for culture, coexistence and for the life and health of each individual:

                                                  Spontaneous movement

  • And how his five movements form the organism’s vital and specific structure, generated by human beings.

Such task was given by Katsumi to us, a group of people of different sensibilities and training, who elaborated the association’s basic document affectionately and carefully.

Katsumi himself approved such proposal.

The chosen legal form is a Foundation, as it guarantees the fidelity to the Founder’s prime intention and has more economic and legal advantages.

The Barcelona SEITAI foundation’s aspirations are:

  • Spreading the simple practice of Katsugen and Yuki and the seitai culture about health and life in human nature into the Catalan and European society;
  • Deepening knowledge and understanding of human nature from the perspective of the structure of spontaneous movement;
  • Preserving and renewing the legacy of Noguchi’s discoveries and the righteous reordering of his language made by Katsumi Mamine, thanks to the introduction of new concepts;
  • Giving coverage and support to Seitai centres and associated professionals.

The Foundation is organised into two different structures, each with its own functions:

  • Government and representation, reserved to the Foundation’s board.
  • Everyday tasks, carried out by the Coordination and Management Committee and the Work Areas.

Four different work areas have been defined: Accreditation, Investigation, Communication and Activities. The three latter will be composed by work groups –temporary or permanent- open to everyone willing to take part.

Such mission brings many difficulties, and the overcoming of such will depend on the connection we are able to establish with the ki vital movement and human culture. This is why we need and rely on your illusions and contributions.

You may contact us at


The SEITAI Barcelona Foundation board.