Introductory Course


By the forthcoming Barcelona Seitai Foundation

Every third weekend and fourth Saturday of every month

The introductory course is divided into five modules:

Five Movements: We will be introduced by Katsumi Mamine into the meaning of the five universal movements by straightening up the CVP (Cranium – Vertebrae – Pelvis) with each one.

Katsugen Undo: We will be initiated into the practice of the revitalizing movement, spontaneously arisen in our organism from the natural need of re-establishing the CVP.

Yuki: Through our hands, we will practise the pleasant communication with the spontaneous sensitivity of body areas, especially those that have lost their natural mobility.

Osei: Know the structure of vital movement and the ability to interact with the world through the five movements and their two polarities.

Practical Regular Session: We will take part, together with the dojo students, in one of the weekly practical sessions of Yuki, Katsugen Osei and observation of everyday life.

Shared Synthesis: We will take part in a synthesis session of the course’s theoretical aspects, we will share our Katsugen undo, Yuki and Osei observation experiences during the course’s week sessions, and finally, we will focus in practice in more depth.


Schedule for February 2017:

Saturday 18             16:00-21:00

                                          Five movements and Katsugen undo

Sunday 19                11:00-14: 00                                                  16:00-20:00

                                                 Yuki                                                               Osei

Saturday 25              11:15-13:30                                                   16:00-20:00

                                   Regular practical session                               Synthesis


Registration fee: €150. (50% discount with an unemployment certificate or a “Carnet Jove” -youth card-)

Those taking part in the course participants that enrol in the Seitai after the course, will pay a €40 registration fee for 2017 (instead of €110)


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